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" The first chords of "Mama Used To Say" will brighten any mood !!!!!! Eva's passion for brazilian music is impressive as is her skill in expressing its many variations !

The greatest surprise was hearing "Barracão de Zinco". It has been a long time since I have heard this pearl of our country's music and Eva's voice recalls the poetry and dignity of this misery. She makes a great declaration of love...for whom could it be?

For me it is a work saturated with passion in every turn of phrase, in every chord.

If I could change the world...it would be for music, for the voice of a dream. I believe that a signifigant change has already occurred.

I truly love music, indeed I listen to everything that falls into my hands and listen to exhaustion. The more I listen the more I wish to understand its beauty...where is it born? This CD is so much more than is expected...a celebration of life !

Music brings meaning to our days ! How wonderful it is that there are artists to ease the roughness of these days which come, dry at times, without any poetry. We listeners, (friends always), thank you and praise you.

Fala para ela (Tell her) to sing more and bring happiness to our lives. We have a saying in portuguese, (I do not know whether there is a similar expression in english), that my great grandmother always said, "Who sings chases their troubles away". She lived singing softly, and when I asked her what she was doing she would look at me and smile...Eva's CD brought back sweet memories like these (how I miss them !)...

I imagine that you are very proud of this work,the power of it...and I know that you are impatient for your reward...so only believe.

The songs express such diverse emotions...How can I predict the unpredictable? How could I foresee it to be so saucy and unrestrained and full of joy and passion...How could I not see the seventh wave rising over our heads ?

Yes...Lee was thunderstruck, I, full of emotion and longing, and what of the others who listened to it ? This is a progression of tears and graceful sways from side to side that each song will express in a most personal way. It is a success, my friends ! "


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